Creme of Nature Community Action Award Progress Report

The latest update from the 2011 winner of the Community Action Awards. (back to the Awards page)

Victory Outreach

We now offer the following services

There are a number of other courses that we will be running later on in the year.

We have now partnered up with Staples, the final meeting is next month to finalise the plans. The manager of Staples will be carrying out interview skills.

Salford City College wants to offer their courses at our building which is great.

We have been offered a building to offer all the courses we do at our building. So we now have two sites that we use.

The deadline for the kitchen is April, the units have been fitted. We now need to paint and rewire the kitchen and finish the odd jobs.

The CCTV has now been fitted so our building is more secure.

 Download our Community Change Programme brochure here

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