Creme of Nature Community Action Award Progress Report

The latest update from the 2009 winner of the Community Action Awards. (back to the Awards page)

Shern Hall Methodist Youth Steelband

Shern Hall Methodist Youth Steelband is going into its fifth year! How time flies! The band raised over £700 last year for the church (which went towards to the new flooring in the church hall), playing at several gigs around London. This included playing at Leyton Big Weekender in September 2010 where the band opened the Sunday Event.

In January this year, the band performed in South London for Freestyle Dance Company who invited groups and individuals from all over London to take part in the showcase event. It was also a fundraiser to raise funds for the Action for Kids charity. The band also played at a birthday party in March and the £150 they made was given to the youth group as a contribution towards RE:GEN a youth retreat. The band performs at internal church services and events including the High Tea for the elderly who attended the church from a local care home in March 2011, International Evening in July 2011 and the black history month concert in October.

On Sunday 22nd May, the band were invited to play at the Celebration of the Lay Leadership in the London District service at Wesley's Chapel. During the service different lay groups such as Worship leaders and Circuit Stewards were given medal awards. 13 members of the band attended and received medals for the musical contribution they provide in worship at Shern Hall and their contribution to the outreach work in the community. The President and Vice President of conference and the District chairs were present at the service.

The band also played at the Grenada Heritage Day in July 2011.

The band meet every Wednesday at 7pm for practice and the band members have increased to over 20 members. Several members of the band play for their school steelband as well. New members are taught to play the steel pans, therefore many young people are learning to play a musical instrument, and learn to work together as a team, growing in fellowship and confidence.

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